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Astrid Spark, Fixologist


You’ll probably know Astrid from my book, ‘Echidna Mania’. She’s Felix Spark’s little sister; she’s also a fixologist - special magnetic properties in her fingers allow her to fix absolutely anything. So many readers wanted to know more about Astrid that I decided to write another book all about her, this time with Astrid as the main character. Now she’s nearly 12 years old and about to be confronted with the greatest challenge in her life. Can she fix the hole in the ozone layer?

Well, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to read the book to find out. Here’s an extract:

Kiss my BUTT

The two friends stand on the deck of a ship somewhere in the Southern Ocean.

‘Astrid,’ says Kia-Jane, ‘you know how we’ve been best friends ever since we started school?’

‘Yes,’ says Astrid.

‘And you know how best friends do favours for each other?’

‘Yes,’ says Astrid.

‘And how sometimes they even do each other really special favours?’

‘Yes,’ says Astrid.

‘Well, Astrid Spark, my very bestest friend in the whole wide world, I’ve got a really really really HUGE favour to ask you.’

‘Yes,’ says Astrid.

Kia-Jane’s face turns red. ‘This is really embarrassing ...’

‘Just say it, Kia-Jane!’

‘Astrid, would you please please please please please kiss my butt!’




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