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Help! I can't find the book I'm after!

Don't worry! Here’s an email Justin received recently:

'Dear Mr D’Ath,
I have been trying to find a copy of Killer Whale for my son, Harrison (9), who is a keen reader of the Extreme Adventure series. His birthday is in two weeks but I can’t find Killer Whale in our local bookshop. Is it possible to buy a copy directly from you?
Hope you can help.

Of course he could help! A copy of Killer Whale arrived in Laura’s letterbox a week later. Not only was it autographed, but there was a birthday message from the author.

Here's how to purchase your own personally signed book directly from Justin:

  1. Ask your parents if it's OK.
  2. Email him at jd@justindath.com to find out the price and availability of your choice.
  3. Justin will then send you (or your parents) his EFT details or a Paypal request.
  4. Let him know your mailing address.
  5. Check your letterbox 2 or 3 days later for a package with your name on it.

Justin's e-books can be purchased online at Penguin Books Australia.





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