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Hunters and Warriors


Sebastian Pringle - Bass or Bus-man to his friends - is 17, overweight and self-conscious. He is sick of being teased by his mates, and wishes Natasha - Tasha the Pasher - would go out with him but is too scared to ask.

When the school’s annual Outward Bound trip comes up, he chooses to go to Bird Island, hoping to spend some time with her there. But Bass discovers that Jarrod, Lee and Frenchie are in the group as well - and that changes everything...

Hunters and Warriors is an absorbing, vividly realised novel about a group of boys on a school camp who embark on a horrific massacre of sea birds, and the moral and psychological dilemmas that follow their actions.

Triggered by a real event, Hunters and Warriors reveals the potential for cruelty and violence that lies within us all, and what can happen when the veneer of civilisation is peeled away.

Like William Golding with The Lord of the Flies - but with more humour - Justin D’Ath has produced a compellingly honest, no-excuses tale about teenage boys, friendship, belonging and responsibility.

‘Books that teenage boys will enjoy and relate to are always welcome, and this one is a ripper.’

Fiona Meiers, CB&P

‘I highly recommend it.'

Mike Shuttleworth, Sunday Age

‘One of the year’s best.'

Australian Book Review



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