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Shortlisted in the Young Adults Category of the 2008 Victorian Premier's Awards.

Declared a Notable Book for Older Readers at the CBC 2008 Awards.

Something strange has happened to the public swimming pool at New Lourdes, Victoria. The water is no longer level and is rumoured to have curative powers. When sixteen-year-old Wolfgang Mulqueen takes a summer job at the pool, he meets Audrey, a blind girl who claims she's noctournal.

With the discovery of a butterfly unknown to science, and an unusual request from Audrey's father, Wolfgang finds himself drawn into an eighteen-year-old mystery, the tragic resolution of which will change his life forever.

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"Rarely these days do I come across a story that draws me in so completely I can't put it down. POOL is one such story ... D'Ath has created a tale that oozes mystery from every page. This is storytelling at its best."

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"a brilliant book ... dazzling"

Kirsty Murray, judge 2008 Victorian Premier's Awards



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