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Robbie and the Dolphins


A swift V-shaped ripple arrowed across the water towards Robbie’s cap. There was a splash, a slice of grey fin, then the cap leapt into the air…

Robbie can’t swim or play games because he’s in a wheelchair. When his hat gets blown into the water, Robbie meets a dolphin. It’s trying to tell him something. Soon Robbie discovers its calf snared in some discarded fishing line underneath the jetty. The tide is coming in; the baby dolphin is going to drown … unless Robbie can save it.

Robbie and the Dolphins explores two important topics in Australia’s history – the effects of the polio epidemic, and the after-effects of the second world war, as well as an environmental theme of caring for marine creatures and, of course, the topic of children with disabilities. Good stuff.” Sally Murphy, Australian Book Reviews.



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