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The Quentaris Chronicles: The Skyflower


He had to test each branch first. Often they were slippery, or too skinny to take his weight. So when one skidded sideways beneath his heel and slid up over his ankle, Joshi thought nothing of it. He simply moved his foot sideways, searching for another, more stable foothold. But the slippery branch moved sideways, too; almost as if it was following him.
      Then it coiled sinuously around his calf.
      Joshi gasped and looked down. It wasn’t a branch – it was the bronze scaly arm of a hectapus!

"It's the best book EVER".
Elizabeth (15)

Joshi is a disappointment to those around him. Born into the powerful Nibhelline family, he prefers growing flowers to living up to the family name. So when Joshi meets Abelha and learns of the existence of a mysterious green flower beyond an unexplored rift, he finally has a chance to earn his family’s respect. But first he and Abelha must journey into an exotic world where trees reach into the sky, unicorns feed in ferny groves and unexpected dangers lie in wait for the unwary…

The Skyflower is the latest book in the hugely popular series, The Quentaris Chronicles, a collection of stand-alone fantasy books from some of Australia’s finest authors. Each book is independent, but all are set in the magical fantasy city of Quentaris, created by series editors Michael Prior and Paul Collins. For more about the Quentaris Chronicles visit: www.quentaris.com



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