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Aussie Nibbles: Snowman Magic


The snowman seems indestructible. Mr Russell shovels him from the driveway, but the next morning he is back again. And when their car skids off the road later that day, it is the snowman that saves them.

Snowman Cold!

The snowman stood in the middle of the frosty driveway. Mr Russell drove around it.

'Funny place to build a snowman,' he said, parking their car in front of the little holiday cabin. Dion was first to get out. He wore his new red and blue snow-boots. It was his first ever visit to the snow. He couldn't wait to go skiing.

'Dion,' Mrs Russell said. 'Could you take Molly inside, please.'

Molly was two, Dion held her hand as they walked up the sloshy path to the cabin. The snow came up nearly to her knees.

'Cold!' she said.

'It would be nice and warm inside,' he told her.

Molly turned and pointed back towards the road.

'Snow man come inside?' Dion shook his head.

'He has to stay outside.'

'Snowman cold!' wailed Molly.

'Snowmen like to be cold,' Dion said.


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