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Extreme Adventures - Anaconda Ambush


Sam Fox is back!



I began to get a really strong feeling that the anaconda was behind me. In my mind’s eye, I saw it weaving along the bottom of the lake, invisible in the dark water as it stealthily closed in on my heels. Hair standing on end, I slowly turned around.
     It was lucky I did. Because suddenly the lake’s surface burst open and a huge, pink mouth exploded out of the water.
     There was just time to swing the crossbow around and loose off an arrow.

Sam Fox is on a field trip in the Amazon when he’s swept over a waterfall and lands in an underground lake. There, he discovers a fortune in gold. He’s rich!
     But things aren’t that simple. There’s an enormous anaconda lurking in the cave, and that’s just the first obstacle Sam will have to overcome if he’s to get out of the Amazon alive…

‘D’Ath knows his audience well and gives them exactly what they want in this rollercoaster ride through the Amazon rainforest.’

Ben Beaton, Australian Bookseller & Publisher


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