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Extreme Adventures - Crocodile Attack





“This can’t be happening! my slow-motion mind started saying to me, but I told it to shut up. This was happening! We weren’t in a movie! That four metre crocodile swimming towards us wasn’t a computer generated special effect. It was real. ‘Stay behind me,’ I said to Nissa, and picked up the buffalo bone.”

A robber has kidnapped Sam Fox and his two-year-old cousin Nissa during a tropical cyclone. When the getaway car crashes into the raging Crocodile River, Sam and Nissa must face one ordeal after another to survive. Sam fights to keep his head above water and Nissa out of the jaws of certain death. But the odds are against them. As the waters rise and the crocodiles close in, Sam must push himself to the limits of endurance.

An action-packed rollercoaster ride, CROCODILE ATTACK
is the first book in a thrilling new series!

“Phew! I’ve never read anything like it. I couldn’t put it down!”
William, (14).

“It was the most exciting book I’ve EVER read.”
Meg, (10).

“I read Crocodile Attack and Bushfire Rescue, and they ROCK!”
Oli, (11).



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