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Extreme Adventures - Devil Danger


My skis left the ground as the mountain dropped away below me. I was flying. And there – right where I was going to land – crouched a Tasmanian devil.
      I don’t know who got the bigger fright, me or the devil. But the animal reacted first. Baring its teeth like a giant black rat, it spun around to meet me.

Sam Fox is on a skiing trip in Tasmania when he meets a Tasmanian devil. Then he hears a scream and a baby falls out of a cable car high overhead. The baby is Crown Prince Thomas, son of European Princess Monica, and the fall is the result of a bungled kidnap attempt. If Sam doesn’t reach the baby in time, it will fall to its death…

Devil Danger, the tenth, and most nail-biting, Sam Fox adventure, is available at all good bookshops now. (Or email Justin to find out how you can purchase a personally autographed copy.)


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