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Extreme Adventures - Man Eater


Sam Fox is back!



'Olki, is it true that leopards sleep during the day?'
'Most times,' he said softly.
We had stopped beneath a tree with fruit that resembled enormous grey sausages dangling on long string-like stems. I looked nervously right and left.
'What do you mean - most times?'
'If he hungry,' Olki whispered, 'leopard do not sleep.'
Something warm and wet landed on my forehead. It felt like a large drop of water. I reached up and wiped it away. Then looked at my hand.
It was blood!

Sam Fox is on a youth conference in Africa when the bus takes off without him, leaving him stranded in the wilderness. Within minutes he's attacked by an angry elephant and half-blinded by a spitting cobra. A young Masai tells Sam he needs medical attention - fast! But the only way to hospital is through the Chui Hills. The same hills that are being stalked by a ferocious, man-eating leopard ...

A wild, action-packed ride, MAN EATER is the most bloodcurdling Extreme Adventure yet!

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