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Extreme Adventures - Shark Bait


Sam Fox is back!



"It wasn't an even match. This was a four metre tiger shark, a 600 kilogram killing machine, armed with enough razor-sharp teeth to take out a fully grown tuna with one bite. I was a 62 kilogram boy, armed with nothing but a deep fear of becoming shark food..."

While holidaying with his family on the Great Barrier Reef, Sam Fox and a young Japanese tourist are washed into the sea by a freak wave. A strong current pushes them out into open water. First Sam must prevent his new friend - and himself (Sam’s foot is in plaster) - from drowning; then, as night falls over the inky black ocean, the underwater predators start moving in...

An action-packed rollercoaster ride, SHARK BAIT
is the most thrilling (and scary!) Extreme Adventure yet!



Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (TV Series)

Mission Fox (Puffin official website)

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