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Extreme Adventures - Spider Bite


Sam Fox is back!



‘HARRY!’ I yelled at the top of my voice. ‘CLIMB UP AND TURN THE GAS OFF!’
      ‘There’s a spider on me,’ he said.
      ‘Can’t you brush it off?’ I asked. ‘It’s only a …’
      I stopped short because I’d just remembered something. Didn’t the red-haired woman say a spider had bitten the balloon pilot and made him unconscious? There was only one spider with a bite that bad…
      The Sydney funnel-web!

When Sam Fox’s twin brothers, Harry and Jordan, are carried off in a runaway hot-air balloon, Sam tries to save them – only to end up trapped himself! What starts as a joy-ride turns into a life-and-death struggle when Jordan is bitten by a deadly funnel-web spider. Will Sam be able to land the balloon in time to save his little brother? And how do they end up in the Kodiak bears’ enclosure at the Sydney zoo?

An action-packed, seat-of-your-pants, roller coaster ride, SPIDER BITE is the most heart-stopping Extreme Adventure yet.

Available in bookshops 5 March, 2007 (or buy your own personally autographed copy directly from the author – see Book Sales page).



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